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The DL Analytics Solution

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An image quality check ensuring image is adequate for evaluation.

CerVisibility gives instructions to  the provider to ensure quality & reliability of images for an AI diagnostic test.



Clinical management software to manage all activities of the clinic.

CervManager securely stores patient data, tracks patients status & test results, instructs on steps needed to ensure patients receive top-level care.



A diagnostic test for cervical precancer. 

CINFinder calculates a risk score for patient and determines next steps in clinical care.

Our Vision

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An app that allows non-experts to screen any woman, anywhere

Built in AI functionalities that enable state-of-the-art quality control and highly accurate diagnostics, allowing clinicians to run an effective cervical cancer program, at the same level as OECD clinics

Key features
(in development)

Integrated local guidelines

Test results & patient tracking

Consumables monitoring

Disinfection documentation

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